How to Add Green Tea to Your Daily Routine

You may know that Green Tea has been widely consumed in China for centuries, but did you know that it is also hailed for its numerous health benefits? Green tea has recently gained popularity in the rest of Asia and the US.

It is loaded with a multitude of medicinal properties to help with lowering blood pressure, improving dental health, weight management, fighting cancer, diabetes and many other extraordinary benefits.

Here are ways to incorporate this ‘super-drink’ into your everyday life.


Green Tea Smoothie

For those who are breakfast skippers or want to refuel energy after a tiring workout should check out this recipe. Green tea is blended with non-fat yogurt, handful of berries or banana for an ice-cold smoothie. This is a great way of adding green tea into your daily routine.

Green Tea Version Oatmeal Artist

Infusing green tea to your oatmeal is a fun way to mix up your breakfast. Adding oats, milk, ground flax seeds and honey to remove any bitter taste of the green tea helping you make a healthy start to your day.

Earthy Flavored Cookies

Another great way of adding green tea into your daily routine is by mixing a spoonful of green tea powder to your favorite butter cookie batter.

Green Tea Poached Fish

Salmon is one of the ‘super-foods’ and if it is combined with loose green tea, lime and ginger then it can easily become one of your favorite dishes.

Spike the Original

Squeezing lemons into your favorite green tea beverage with sliced cucumbers or fresh peppermint will leave you refreshed throughout the day.

Green Tea-Soaked Chicken

Instead of filling the pot with water, pour in this cholesterol-fighting tea which will saturate the chicken with a distinct aroma and taste.

Noodle it up with Green Tea

You get a heart-healthy dish just by adding a pinch of brewed green tea leaves to whole wheat noodles with chili flakes, sliced ginger and chopped veggies.

Green Powerhouse

Stir ice cubes with green tea and ginger ale – this is an ultimate antioxidant power drink.


This Japanese dish may look deceptive but it is extremely flavorsome and simple by just pouring hot green tea over cooked rice.

Green Egg Nutrition

For your mid-day snack, immerse hardboiled eggs into green tea mixture for a maximum of 8 hours for a powerful flavor leaving you a protein-rich meal.

Soak your fruits

Jazz up the flavor of your green tea by infusing fresh orange or cranberry juice. Or you can try freezing the juice in an ice cube tray and adding this to your everyday green tea.

Greek Green Yogurt

For an all star healthy breakfast packed with proteins, top Greek Yogurt with green tea powder, fresh fruits, honey and nuts.

Guilt Free Green Truffles Treat

Rolling your dark chocolate truffles in green tea powder makes a perfect end to your day. Go ahead and indulge in this guilt-free treat.

Green Tea-Pumpkin Combo

In brewed green tea combine pumpkin, sliced bananas and blend until smooth. This is a super easy and healthy shake.

Apple Iced Green Tea

Blend this energizing mocktail with green tea, apple, fresh lemon juice and honey. A perfect way yet again to add green tea into your daily routine. This recipe is a great way to transform the way your skin looks and feels.


This is it, hopefully you’ll find a favorite dish with green tea! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comment section below.