Find Your Sporty Style with Broga

Yoga was originally created for men and by men as a spiritual practice meant to bring the practitioner closer to an elevated state. However, since its introduction into western society, and adoption as a safe and relaxing form of exercise, it has mostly become a female focused practice. This has resulted in an exercise form that may intimidate or even implicitly exclude male participation. The new yoga trend called Broga is the response to this feminine focus, and is a practice designed for both the male form and to respond to their problems with normal yoga classes.

What Is It?

Broga combines yoga moves with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and fitness exercises designed to improve the functioning of the body. It focuses on cardio, strength training, and muscle toning as well as stress relief and mindful poses. With this form of yoga, the spiritual elements are completely removed. This means that there are no Hindu chants or invocations to gods throughout the sessions. This is primarily a fitness-based form of yoga, with some mindfulness aspects to improve mental clarity without this aim being the focus of the practice.

Why Do Men Like It?

The Broga trend has taken off rapidly, moving from country to country and attracting men from all different walks of life. Because yoga classes are directed at and filled with women, men have reported feeling shy or even intimidated by the idea of taking a class. The fact that women tend to be more flexible than men has also caused them to avoid situations where that will be highlighted.

Because Broga is focused on physical conditioning rather than flexibility, men feel more confident attending these classes, knowing they will not have to struggle to get into a pose in front of a roomful of more flexible women. Fans of this form of yoga say that because of the mostly male classes and shift in focus, Broga provides a safe environment for them to work on their flexibility in a more active and natural feeling way for their gender.

Why Do Some Women Like It?

With the recent popularity of Broga, a few women have also been caught up in the trend. The constant search for new and interesting forms of exercise has caused several women to try this sportier form of yoga, with impressive results. They claim that although the exercises are designed for the male body, with more power moves and interval training, the combined focus on strength and flexibility makes for an effective and interesting class.

Ordinary yoga classes are usually full of women and may be intimidating to men who have concerns about their lack of flexibility. Because of these factors, a form of yoga designed for men has been launched and is gaining in popularity with both genders. With its claims to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as flexibility, it’s not surprising that this trend is gaining a good foothold in the exercise world.